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Alexa. 20. USA. Sophomore. Phi Sigma Sigma.
Former Cast Member. Happily Taken.
I worked at Disney for summer 2013 in the DCP. I met the love of my life, Michael, through the DCP and I cannot thank Disney enough for bringing us together. We have a weird relationship in terms of anniversaries... however, our first official date was at Magic Kingdom June 5, 2013. We plan to go back to the DCP in a couple of years together. I'm majoring in business with a minor in event planning and psychology. I'd love to become a fairy tale wedding planner at Disney some day. I just want to make people smile!

"Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams
are forever." - The Walt Disney Company

experiencing magic
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Rapunzel, the girl who grew up in a tower. The inspiration from these dresses derives from Rapunzel’s pink and purple gown. Also, as a painter, some of them have a feel of paint to it. If you search engine the numbers, the dress should appear. After are accessories that would subtly hint to the reference to Rapunzel.

1. FL-P4609. $378.00
2. BL-5133. $418.00
3. LF-17159. $358.00
4. PT-6768. $458.00
5. Disney Designer Rapunzel 
6. SH-3827. $500.00
7. LF-16802. $450.00
8. AL-35418. $198.00
9. LF-15986. $378.00


 (Compact mirror)

(hair flowers)

(hair braid headbands)